MS NAV 2018 to be release…..

After having lot of confusion about release of NAV 2018 here come out some news.

Just have a look at following blog

Lets see what will be in store in upcoming months…




Dynamics 365 Tenerife

At directions NA MS revealed the new NAV called Dynamics 365 Tenerife. Though I am not at event but got first look from community friends.

Announcement from MS


Preview of Dynamics 365 Tenerife



Stay Tuned ….





MS NAV Updates for September-2017


Following are updates for MS NAV for month of September

Update for Development Preview

Lot of issues pointed out on GitHub is fixed in this development preview update. You can visit GitHub for more info :-


Released Cumulative Updates

NAV 2017 CU 10 :-

NAV 2016 CU 23 :-

NAV 2015 CU 35 :-